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The flexiprobe P540c

The flexiprobe P540c system is managed by the most powerful and intuitive Controller ever designed by Pearpoint. A quick boot-up, an intuitive user interface and a high definition 10.1" TFT display, the C540c lets you concentrate on the job in hand.

Pearpoint’s flexiprobe P540c, the intuitive, connected pushrod inspection system for quick, efficient surveying and reporting.  The flexiprobe P540c is the most powerful Pearpoint controller ever designed, providing intuitive menus and dedicated function buttons to guide you quickly through your survey. Built-in templates create reports that comply with multiple standards and which can be shared via email, DropBox or USB.

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The new flexitrax P550c
Pearpoint is proud to announce the launch of the NEW flexitrax P550c – an intuitive connected crawler system for quick, efficient surveying and reporting.
Pearpoint's Powered Elevator
Pearpoint’s Powered Elevator for easy-to use inspection of larger pipes