4 January 2018

Pearpoint is delighted to announce the introduction of two new P356 Cradles created to extend the reach of its P350 flexitrax systems to pipes up to 60” (1500mm) in diameter.

The two new cradles support the P356 crawler and enable transit through debris-strewn pipes and silted storm drains. The Standard Cradle can be deployed via a 23” (600mm) manhole and features 13” (330mm) wheels to allow it to climb over obstacles such as 4” (100mm) house bricks. The Compact Cradle is for deployment through 21” (530mm) manholes and can lift a camera to the center of a 53” (1345mm) pipe.

There is no requirement to update any existing control modules or P356 crawlers.

Mounting of the P356 is quick and easy, requiring no specialist tools. Once the P356’s wheels have been removed, the crawler is fixed in place with one simple hand-screw, making the addition of the P356 Cradle to your P350 flexitrax system very straightforward. 

Part number



P356 Standard Cradle


P356 Compact Cradle

The new P356 Cradle will be available from mid-January 2018. The Compact Cradle will be available from April 2018.