P350 Software Updates

Software downloads for the P350 flexitrax system. The latest version of software includes support for the new Powered Elevator, as well as enhanced performance and improved stability. Software is free to download. 

On the controller keypad (not the keyboard) press Fn-F4 to check the software version currently installed:

Current P350 Software Versions:
Product Latest Version
Controller 4.45
Tractor 2.21
Drum 1.35
Powered Elevator 1.05
Cameras Please contact your local Pearpoint representative for information


To check the software version currently installed:

On the controller keypad (not the keyboard) press Fn-F4

For versions of controller software earlier than V4.x, contact pearpoint_support@spx.com.

For controller software versions V4.x (or higher):

Note: The procedure below assumes you will be using a Compact Flash card as the storage media for the upgrade. If your system is already at version 4.x or higher you may use a USB Flash memory device in place of the Compact Flash card. The procedure is identical in either case. 

  1. Download the software update package by clicking the link below:
  2. Click "Save", select the location where you want to save the package, and click "Save" again.
  3. Locate the package file you just saved and double click to open it. You may require a software unzipping program (popular programs such as Winzip or 7zip are available). The P350 software install files are a set of files ending with the extension .bin.
  4. Connect a blank Compact Flash card or USB memory device to your computer
  5. “Extract” the P350 software install files from the downloaded package, and save them onto the root (top folder) of the Compact Flash card or USB memory device (the process will not work if saved anywhere else).
  6. Disconnect the Compact Flash card or USB memory device from your PC and insert it into the P350 Command Module
  7. Ensure that all system components to be updated are assembled, then switch your P350 system on.
  8. Note: The procedures below assume you know how to navigate the P350 flexitrax menu system. Please read the User Guide or Operation Manual if you need to familiarize yourself with the menu. 


Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the auto-update.

Note: Older controllers may require a matched file set (separate tractor & drum binaries) to be present in the root of the CF card before the controller will begin update. The tractor.bin and drum.bin files are provided in the download package for this purpose.

In case of issues, please contact your local Pearpoint representative, or e-mail pearpoint_support@spx.com for further information. 

Warning: The update process may take several minutes and appear with a black screen.
Do not remove the Compact Flash card, switch off the system or interrupt the power until the update is complete.