21 February 2019

flexitrax™ P550c is the most powerful Pearpoint controller ever designed, providing intuitive menus and dedicated function buttons to guide you quickly through your survey. Built-in templates create reports that comply with multiple standards and which can be shared via email, DropBox or USB.

Welcome to a connected world

flexitrax™ P550c features integrated MSCC 3-, 4- and 5-compliant reporting as standard, and on-board WiFi allowing you to share your reports via email or DropBox, all while still on site. Or simply copy to a flash memory stick in one of the three USB ports.

Easy to use, efficient to own

The flexitrax P550c offers an intuitive graphical user interface with built in user manual, a full size QWERTY keyboard (regional options also available) and a choice of 6 different languages at launch. Context-sensitive, ATM-style buttons provide access to the easy-to-use menus, while a set of additional buttons above the keyboard offers direct control of the most-used functions.

flexitrax P550c boasts a 12.1”, 1280x800 pixel, high definition display for super clear images and 128Gb internal memory for more than 2 months’ video recording in typical usage1. A ruggedized case, an IP55 rating and a built in rechargeable battery provide reliability and usability in most challenging environments.

Sharing reports while still on site

flexitrax P550c incorporates reporting templates to comply with multiple standards, such as the WRc’s MSCC3, 4 or 5 or you can create reports to your own standard. Reports are available to share as soon as you have completed your survey.

WinCan-compatibility2 is also an option, and this can be purchased at the same time as the flexitrax P550c system, or later as your needs develop.

Video can be shared with a nearby tablet, cell phone or other connected device, by streaming to their Google Chrome (71+) or Apple Safari (12+) web browser.

Fast, intuitive inspection

Fast boot-up time, 10 context-sensitive buttons to the sides of the display and a further 8 buttons for frequently-used tasks create an inspection system that is quick to set-up and easy to use. Intuitive menus guide the user through the survey without complicated keyboard shortcuts to remember. Sharing the resulting report with customers or the office is completed in just a few key presses, allowing you to move quickly onto your next job.

6 menu languages are available at launch (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Simplified Chinese), with further languages anticipated to be added later. Choose between a full QWERTY keyboard and one with a different layout to match the user’s preferred menu language. All are rated with IP55 ingress protection.

Modular systems that meet your needs now and into the future

Build your system as your requirements grow. flexitrax P550c systems are available with either a cost-effective manual cable drum or an advanced powered drum — each with up to 1000' / 305m of cable. Choose from three interchangeable cameras and two powerful crawlers that are designed to withstand most challenging sub-surface conditions.

A wide choice of wheels, elevators and tires optimize the down-hole equipment to suit the pipe network being surveyed, enabling the flexitrax P550c to inspect pipes as narrow as 4” / 100mm all the way up to 60” / 1500mm. For narrower pipes, flexitrax P550c is also compatible with Pearpoint’s flexiprobe™ P540c pushrods.


The flexitrax P550c replaces the P350 flexitrax. Any crawler system bought with a P350 controller is compatible with flexitrax P550c.


flexitrax P550c systems are available to order with a 6 week lead time.


1 Typical usage is given as 100 minutes of videoing per day for 5 days per week

2 Contact Pearpoint for availability of this feature. May require a separate licence from WinCan


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